How Many Roses do I Send

When it comes to conveying a special meaning with roses, there is more than just the color to consider. 

The number of roses also plays an important role in the message.  

How many roses should I send? 

If this question puzzles you every time you decide to gift someone a bouquet of roses, our comprehensive guide to the meaning of the number of roses give you an insight to the interpretation.

 Love at first sight. The single rose, whatever its color, depicts utmost devotion to a single person.

Mutual Love. A common love between 2 parties.

I Love You. Stand for the three words in “I Love You”, and seek to convey this very simple yet powerful message.

Commitment. I want to be yours. Speak of the need to be loved and cherished.

  • I am taken with you. I’m infatuated with you.
  • Everlasting Love. We’ll be together forever.
  • You are perfect.
  • You are everything to me. To assure someone that he or she is truly and deeply loved.
  •  You are my sweetheart. Thinking of you round the clock or thinking of you 12 months a year.
  • I am your secret admirer. Indicate that there is a secret admirer. Also means forever friends.
  • Please forgive me. I’m truly sorry.
  • I have a crush on you. My feelings for you are truly sincere.
  • You are always on my mind. Tell your loved one he or she is thought of every hour of the day.
  • I can’t emphasize enough I Love You!
  • I will remember our romantic moments. Speak of a romantic attachment.
  • True Love. My love is genuine.
  • Regretless Love.

Signify a love that has ripened well, and has never been regretted.

I will Love you forever. I’ll love you till the day I die.

I am devoted to you. Signify a happy union of two loving souls till death or till a hundred years.

You are my only Love. You’re my one and only.

Marry me. It is a marriage proposal in the language of flowers.

I Love you every single day. Speak of a love that has remained constant and true throughout the year.

Eternal Love. My love will last till the end of time.

Forever Love. Speak of a faithful love that will live on forever.